oh so green


it’s the Binzilla way


 At Binzilla we’re working towards making waste collection as green as possible


What We’re Doing Today


Currently we use bio fuels, made from waste cooking oil where ever we can. Bio fuel from waste, is much kinder to the environment than diesel.

We’re also using some special Binzilla technology to make sure our vehicles follow the most economic routes therefore using less fuel, reducing emissions and congestion.

But there’s even more, Binzilla diverts your waste from landfill. Instead we use selected waste transfer stations where it’s separated into recyclables and residual waste.  Waste that can’t be recycled is managed by modern waste to energy plants where it generates lovely green electricity.

We’re also encouraging community groups to look after their immediate environment by offering free planting packs including trees, hedgerow and shrubs.


 And The Future

We don’t believe in standing still, it’s just not the Binzilla way. So we’re already planning an even greener future.

We’re working on rolling out a fleet of new, greener collection vehicles with even lower emissions

Our new trucks will be the latest electric hybrid and some will be 100% elecric. Our new fleet will be far cleaner than traditional diesels.

Just think of a future with zero tailpipe emissions, less noise and a better environment, that’s the Binzilla way

Oh So Green!